Thyroid Support Supplement with Iodine 30 Days Supply

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Thyroid Support is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids formulated to help maintain normal thyroid activity. This well-balanced complex with a Non-GMO formula was produced in the USA at an FDA registered manufacturing facility.

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  • SUPERIOR THYROID SUPPORT – Our Thyroid complex is a powerfully effective formula to support thyroid function and overall health. It regulates thyroid function to support a healthy hormonal balance, promote healthy metabolism to aid in digestion and increases energy levels without stimulants. This supplement not only contains vital vitamins like B12, but also natural minerals and herbs like Ashwagandha Root, Bladderwrack, Cayenne Pepper Iodine, Magnesium, and Zinc that are recommended by doctors.
  • POTENT, NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Unlike other Thyroid supplements available in the market, Alice Foods Thyroid support supplement contains more of natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. The Premium Natural ingredients like Ashwagandha Root, Bladderwrack, Iodine(Kelp), L-Tyrosine, Cayenne Pepper and Vitamin B12 supports healthy thyroid function and, more importantly, these are safe and effective.
  • BOOST ENERGY LEVEL – One of the major symptoms of poor thyroid function is Chronic fatigue and lack of energy. These symptoms affect your complete lifestyle. Our Natural Thyroid support help to maintain a healthy thyroid hormone balance that allows your body to operate efficiently at good energy levels. It is a natural and effective way to boost energy. You will see noticeable improvements in energy levels within a few days of recommended use.
  • IMPROVES METABOLISM AND HELPS IN WEIGHT LOSS – This natural and safe thyroid support complex will help to maintain good metabolism which helps with weight loss. When body toxins interfere with the thyroid function, the vital thyroid hormone levels can slow down giving rise to a number of conditions like weight Gain, slow metabolism, chronic fatigue, dry skin, memory problems. The Thyroid complex will release harmful toxins and will assist in maintaining healthy body weight and overall health.
  • 100% SAFE AND FDA APPROVED FACILITY – All our supplements are made in the USA at a GMP Certified, FDA inspected and approved facility under highest quality control. You can be completely confident that Alice Foods’ manufacturing process maintains the integrity of every component of the finished product.

Do you feel tired most of the time and don’t feel like doing anything?

Are you looking for a natural thyroid support supplement to maintain your body weight?

Your thyroid is one of the most important glands in the body and is involved in a wide variety of tasks that help you to feel and look your best. When the thyroid doesn’t function properly, the production of vital thyroid hormone levels can slow down, giving rise to a condition called hypothyroidism. Alice Foods Thyroid complex is the natural way to maintain healthy thyroid function.

A Perfect Combination of 14 Thyroid Support Supplements

Our Thyroid support complex promotes overall health and well-being. Each capsule is like taking 14 thyroid supplements – Vitamin B12, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, L-tyrosine, Schizandra, Ashwagandha Root, Bladderwrack, Cayenne Pepper, Kelp together. What could be better than taking a single pill with benefits of 14 different supplements?

Why do you need a Thyroid Support Supplement?

Research has shown that nutrients assist thyroid hormone to work properly and also helps your body make thyroid hormones, so even if you are taking thyroid medication, this complete thyroid support supplement can assist you in overall health.

Benefits of Our Thyroid Support Complex

✓ Support and Maintains healthy thyroid function
✓ Support healthy Metabolic process
✓ Help manage Weight
✓ Release harmful toxins
✓ Boost energy levels naturally
✓ May help improve mental alertness
✓ Promotes overall health and well-being

NOTE** This is a dietary supplement and not a solution to any medical condition.

ORDER NOW this Natural Thyroid support supplement for unbeatable thyroid health.

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27 reviews for Thyroid Support Supplement with Iodine 30 Days Supply

  1. staci mack

    “So far I have definitely seen a positive difference with energy levels with the short amount of time I have used it. Very impressed!!”

  2. Su2Du2

    I’m going to check with my doctor. I don’t know yet. I have hypothyroidism.

  3. Paleofromwayback

    Appreciate the free book that explains need for this particular formula and not just high dose of iodine that I was taking before. I do notice a greater sense of well-being and more energy–which could also be due to the high fiber diet–but doesn’t come from thyroid medication alone. Will have to try this supplement for a few more months but anticipate continuing.

  4. Leslie

    Thank you!

  5. Sue

    I have never had a problem with any Alice Foods natural products. They are my preferred brand. I think after taking the thyroid supplement for a couple weeks, I feel more energetic and gave a better all around feeling if well being.

    I purchased this product at discount in exchange for an honest review.

  6. TheUnknownTxtR

    I have been taking theses along with my prescription hypOthyroid meds and I have more energy and feel lots better. I plan on purchasing in bulk on pay day. Great product! Thanks!

  7. homeishappy

    I have a family history of hypothyroidism and have been tested… dozens… of times over my life but have always had normal lab values. Still I am the coldest person ever and go through seasons that I am convinced my thyroid is contributing to my mental and physical fatigue. This thyroid support supplement may be just what I need: I am happy to know that I am giving my thyroid the best chance of keeping me healthy. It is too early to say whether this supplement has made a difference in my overall well-being, but do believe the increased energy that I have been experiencing may be more that placebo. The capsules are not small, but they are easy to swallow, tasteless, and leave no bad after-taste. The list of ingredients means a lot to me too: I know vitamin b-12 and magnesium are often missing from my die and have benefited from l-tyrosine alone in the past. The rest is relatively new to me but seems to be a great combination. I also like that the dark green capsules are very distinct. And of course, I appreciate that this product is GMP certified.

    I received this product at a discount for my unbiased review and am happy I can sincerely recommend it to all of you. Enjoy!

  8. Alisha Tirey

    I am on day two of taking this product and I feel energized and alert. I really am looking forward to the effects it has on my lasting life. I am in need of something to kick start my thyroid, and have been for a while. I received a discount in order to openly and honestly review this product. I am so glad I chose it as one of my options to review. I have taken other products similar to this, but have never felt so alert before.

  9. Amazon Customermj

    If you have a true Thyroid disorder do not use this product! It is only a vitamin with a little supplemental kelp. If you are having problems with Synthroidor levothyroxine, ask your doctor to order Armour Thyroid. Usually start with 30mg daily and increase in 15 my every 2-3 months if needed-as determined by thyroid function studies- just like you get when on levothyroxine. If you have a heart problem, it is suggested you start out on 15 mg of Armour Thyroid. Forest Pharma distributed. T

  10. JoAnn Sullivan

    Loving this product! My energy has improved so much that I have enough energy to work out after work and losing weight finally!

  11. Marcel21

    Dad 85 loves them good for low blood preasure

  12. korie

    I have been using this product for almost a month, after the 2 week i could tell what a difference these had on my body. I was not tired, my hair was going back to normal, and i was losing weight. I am going to be sticking with these!

  13. K S

    I have been using this for a bit over a week now and here is my opinion.

    Good variety of Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals.
    Felt a bit more energetic after a few days of use, like I had a couple extra cups of coffee in the morning to keep me going.

    They seem to cause some “burps” that leave a pretty awful aftertaste in the back of my throat to where I have to chew up a mint to help it stop.

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review, please keep that in mind as my opinion may not be as critical of the product as one who paid full price.

  14. Kindle Customer

    Love it! Omg! No more brain fog!

  15. Bill

    My wife uses this in conjunction with her hypothyroidism medication. She has more energy than she’s had in years, her hair is growing back, and her nails are growing and not breaking.

  16. laura

    Not sure if they did anything or not. If you have hoshimotos do not take these.

  17. Alan

    Despite my increasing in exercise and eating less, I am gaining weight, and feeling tired. I have been taking Alice Foods Thyroid Support for almost two weeks and have notice a change in my fatigue level. I have more energy, and I am enjoying doing things that exhausted me before. I received this awesome Thyroid supplement at a discount for an honest review.

  18. Rev. Matthias Heppel

    My doctor told me that my thyroid level is a little high, but did not give me any advice how to deal with it. I have been feeling tired lately and even burned-out…at some point I thought I have a depression. Since thyroid problems are in my family I knew that me being tired could be because of my thyroid disfunction.

    Since I wasn’t doing well at all I prayed to my patron saint, the holy Apostle Matthias, and a few locations and behold I found this product in a list were it didn’t belong, when I was looking for something totally different…

    So I bought it Alice Foods Thyroid Support and it helped. Within the first three days I felt better and had much more energy! The Thyroid Support works like a cleanse after a while. I re-ordered Thyroid Support right away after my first bottle was empty.

  19. mews2me

    i was able to take less levothryoid

  20. Amazon Customer

    My wife has for many years suffered from thyroid problems, she has been under medication for many years, but when started to use Thyroid support supplement she notice the improvement after just a few days.
    Even her doctor told her to continue to use the supplement, it seems to help her feel so much better.
    I would recommend it because it really works.

  21. Kristinanb

    Great stuff! Good assortment of thyroid supporting vitamins and minerals in each serving of two pills. Pills are not huge and a nice green color

  22. FC

    I got this for my daughter for iodine needs… it’s easier than drops. So far so good.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Need to order more!

  24. R. W. Eggert

    I received these in the mail last week, and was a skeptic. While initially I didn’t notice a thing, by day four I started to notice that I wasn’t as fatigued and my energy was balancing out. Along with my medication, this is truly helping me!
    While I did receive this item at a reduced/no cost, it in NO way influenced how I rated and reviewed this item!

  25. danielle

    I am leaving this honest review in exchange for a discounted product. The reason that I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5 is because the only thing I didn’t like was the size of the pill, its a little bit big to swallow. So far I do like the product tho. While I haven’t been taking it too long, I have noticed that since I have been taking it, I do have a bit more energy than I did without taking it. It also didn’t leave a weird taste in my mouth like some other products do which is a plus. I will leave another review in a couple weeks and explain in more detail how well these work.

  26. Mandy (verified owner)

    I have been taking this for 2 months. It has changed my energy level, my mood, and life to live. I was alway tired, crabby, and just wanted to sleep all the time. I have more energy, I feel happier, and I don’t feel unsatisfactory. I’m glad I found this product.

  27. Ardy Bushey

    This is the best thyroid supplement I’ve tried. At just two little capsules a day, the initial results showed up within four days. More energy, better sleep, less drowsy. After two weeks, my nails started signs of health and growth and my mood was lighter. Alice Foods has a premium product in this thyroid supplement!!!!

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