EPA/DHA Omega-3 Balance 30 Day Supply

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Alice Foods EPA/DHA Omega-3: Fish Oil typically provides two Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which are recognized for their health benefits in supporting cardiovascular health, normal blood pressure levels already in the normal range, circulation and brain function, and immune system health. Each soft gelatin capsule of EPA/DHA Omega-3 provides a typical profile of 180 milligrams of EPA and 120 milligrams of DHA and uses only the finest fish oil.

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  • PROMOTES HEART & BRAIN HEALTH – Supports Healthy Cardiovascular System, Joint Flexibility, Eye Health and Proper Nerve Function
  • Extra strength fish oil that goes well with multi-vitamins, vitamin d and d3, coq10, resveratrol, zinc, and vitamin e.
  • A perfect dietary supplement¬†for: weight loss, bodybuilding, reducing inflammation, a slim waist, and optimum nutrition.
  • 100% SAFE AND FDA APPROVED FACILITY – All Alice Food supplements are Made in USA at a GMP Certified, FDA inspected and approved facility. You can be completely confident that Alice Foods manufacturing processes are designed to give top priority to your health such that you only benefit in every possible way.
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Each soft gelatin capsule of EPA / DHA Omega-3 provides a typical profile of 180 milligrams of EPA and 120 milligrams of DHA and uses only the finest fish oil. The oil is then processed using one of the best purification methods available, Molecular Distillation, which is the only current method that can remove heavy metals, PCBs and other toxins to below detectable limits for human consumption. Compared to most other processing methods that heat the oil to temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius for 6 hours, Molecular Distillation takes only 45 seconds at the same temperature helping to preserve the quality of the fish oil and guarantees that no Trans Fats are created.

10 reviews for EPA/DHA Omega-3 Balance 30 Day Supply

  1. StLninja

    Taste great

  2. NightOwl

    I purchased these because I’ve been trying to improve my health by cutting out processed foods and taking more supplements. I wanted these mainly because they claim to help with cognitive function and weight loss. I’ve only been taking them for less than a week, but so far they seem to help. I work the grave shift, and haven’t had my usual ‘brain fog’ when I wake up. I’m hopeful that I will begin to notice many more great benefits after I’ve had a chance to take them for at least a month. I will update in a few more weeks.
    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  3. Dinah

    Good supplement. Not a lot to say about it as far as reviews go, it is just a supplement, but the seller was very good to deal with.

  4. E. Gilmour

    I purchased these omega 3 supplements at the recommendation of my doctor who specializes in functional medicine….. I see her for my Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. It’s hard to say what the effectiveness of these are so far but I really like that you only have to take one of these per day compared with other omega 3 supplements I’ve tried where I’ve had to take up to 3 capsules a day for the recommended serving size. I haven’t had any bad aftertaste from these and only a couple instances of fishy burps…. nothing overwhelmingly gross. It’s also a great price for the 2 month supply if you take one per day. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I am not required to leave a positive review nor do I get paid to do any reviews. I give my review based on my opinion/ experience with the product and give my rating either negative or positive. I truly enjoy reviewing useful products for my family and hope to help others decide whether or not a product is for them.

  5. James Battle

    Using a fish oil supplement for me is tricky. Some times they cause me indigestion which result in fishy burps. Unfortunately for me this was one of those products. It could have just been the batch that I received, as I know that happens from time to time. Overall the product seems okay, but it gave me an upset stomach.

  6. Asher S.

    Came on time, Hopefully it’ll help me get the results I want!

  7. Gzone

    I am really excited to find this great supplement that have EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acids. EPA DHA are highly unsaturated fats. These polyunsaturated fats play a very important role with the function of our bodies.
    EPA and DHA are vital nutrients to maintain healthy function of the brain and eyes. DHA is a building block of tissue in the brain and retina of the eye. It helps with forming neural transmitters, which is important for brain function. DHA is found in the retina of the eye and taking DHA may be necessary for maintaining healthy levels of DHA for normal eye function.
    I am satisfied as I added healthy fats as my supplement. I feel better overall!!
    I received this product for a discount price in exchange for my honest review.

  8. Life Monger

    Great product. No fish burps.

  9. Pentamom

    I started taking fish oil capsules a few years ago when my doctor told me “in my opinion, everyone should be taking fish oil.” So I started taking it and noticed that it really helped with my joint pain (due to arthritis). Fish oil is anti inflammatory, so when I am sore I tend to take this instead of ibuprofin or some other drug. It works really well for me. I also read that the EPA and DHA is good for brain health, so that’s another reason I take it. This one seems to have a good balance of both.

    The capsules are not too big. They’re oval and smooth so they’re easy for me to swallow. When I opened the bottle I immediately did the “sniff test” and they did not smell fishy to me (just a very mild smell). These are anchovy based. I have tried some that are salmon based or other fish based and I think it’s a good idea to rotate and vary what type of fish your fish oil comes from. I received this product at a discount so that I could try it and post my honest opinion in a review. I hope this was helpful

  10. LawyerLady

    I have been reading quite a bit about the need for healthy fats in our diets. I don’t think I eat enough of the healthy fats so I am adding these supplements. Remember that we needs good cholesterol in addition to avoiding the bad cholesterol.

    The bottle comes with 60 soft gels. Each soft gel has 1000mg of fish oil. I have included a picture so you can get an idea of the size. I think the size is fine. They are soft gels so they are not hard to swallow. Now these pills are “marine lipid” which is why it has a warning that it includes fish/anchovies. I am not vegan and my research shows that marine Omega 3s are the most effective. (note that the gel casing is bovine – which isn’t a concern for me).

    I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All the statements in this review are my honest opinion. I have been an Amazon prime member for many years, and I always read the feedback left by others to help make my buying decision. If this review has helped you in any way, please click the YES button. Thank you.

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