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Biotin or Vitamin B7 is a vital part of healthy metabolism and creating important enzymes. This vitamin is essential for cell growth and may be helpful in maintaining healthy hair and nails, as well as improving the general appearance of your skin.

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  • HEALTHY HAIR, NAILS AND SKIN – Our Biotin supplement not only helps you treat weak hair and nails effectively but also strengthens them. The vitamin plays an important role in preventing hair loss, helps thicken nail cuticles and prevent their breakage. It also prevents skin from acne, fungal infections, rashes, severe dryness, and cracking – thus keeping it young and healthy! Though many hair care products have Biotin, it is found most effective when consumed orally.
  • HEALTHY METABOLISM AND ACCELERATED WEIGHT LOSS – Regular consumption of this Biotin supplement can help you maintain a healthy metabolism. Right quantities of Vitamin B7 or Biotin, in combination with other B Vitamins, help you process your food quickly into energy and is therefore also found to be highly effective for weight loss – as it speeds up the metabolic activities and also activates fatty acids from fat-containing foods like oils or animal fats.
  • ONE SUPPLEMENT, MULTIPLE BENEFITS – Our Biotin supplement can help you regulate your blood sugar, protect brain function and fight cognitive decline, help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, lower the unhealthy cholesterol, and help in building and repairing tissues and muscles.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Alice Foods Biotin Supplement is made up of highest quality ingredients and is made under superior level of quality control at an FDA approved facility in USA. This ensures that you get the best quality of Biotin beneficial for your health. Our Biotin dietary supplement bottle contains 90 veggie capsules with each capsule delivering 10000 mcg.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that with the regular consumption of first set of capsules, you will feel a huge improvement in different aspects of your health and will get back to us to buy more of it.

Do you have problem of brittle nails or hair, or have thinning hair?

Does your skin appear dull and unhealthy but external creams and treatments do not help?

Though you want to but do not know how to nourish your skin from inside out? Or

Do you suffer from poor metabolism or are interested in losing weight?

Well, we have a potent and effective solution to all your problems and you would definitely not want to give it a miss for the many benefits that it offers:

✓ Maintains Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails
✓ Helps prevent hair fall
✓ Improves general appearance of skin and strengthens nails and hair
✓ Improves metabolism and helps in weight loss by speeding metabolic activities
✓ Brings down the unhealthy cholesterol level – maintains a healthy cardiovascular system
✓ Improves glucose intolerance and helps balance blood sugar
✓ Supports Thyroid and Adrenal Function
✓ Helps build and repair tissues and muscles
✓ Protects brain function and fights cognitive decline
✓ Nourishes your skin from inside out
✓ No side effects


1 Capsule Daily, preferably with meal or as suggested by a healthcare professional.


– This is a dietary supplement and not a solution to any medical conditions.
– Though it is not known to result in any side effects you should not exceed the recommended dose.


We offer you 100% Risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get this incredible health supplement today to take care of so many different aspects of your health.

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28 reviews for High Potency Biotin 90 Days Supply

  1. Maria


  2. Tia V.

    First of all, I love that these supplements contain 10,000 mcg of biotin. The highest content I have ever bought was 5000. I have a lot of hair loss and when my hairdresser commented on how I lost more hair than usual, I freaked out and searched for biotin products to help minimize the fallout. My nails have been breaking from using too much acetone to remove polish so biotin was also a solution.
    The second thing I love about the product, embarrassingly, is the size of the pills. I haye swallowing huge pills and that is how big most supplements are nowadays. Seeing the relatively small pills, still big for me but small compared to others, I was very glad. That motivated me to take biotin more regularly. The pills themselves are white because they seem like they contain the powder inside the shells. So the white color is from the powder and I would guess the shell itself is clear.
    I have been combining the intake of biotin together with using good natural hair products and nail proteins to strengthen my nails and hair. So far it has been working well for me. Seems like I had less hair loss and my nails did not break that easily.
    I will finish my hair/nail products and take biotin alone to see how well it works alone. I do hope that it alone can help my skin nails hair without spending tons on beauty products. I do believe that the transformation is slow so I have to wait patiently for it and keep taking it until I get more noticeable results.

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  3. sophia perez

    I love this product, it’s maid my hair look amazing as well as my nails . My hair is ssssooo much thicker and my nails look amazing !! This is way better product then suger bear crap I bought at 50 dollars for only a 30 day supply… This product works so much better and is way less !!!!

  4. Jose chaparro

    I wanted to wait a few days so I could see if there were any benefits. This stuff works. At first I noticed my skin becoming more oily and other subtle symptoms that let me know it was starting to take effect. Still only day three but I’m satisfied

  5. Valerie Altman

    A bit frustrated as I am a product reviewer and was asked to immediately wrote a review of this product. Obviously, anyone who takes medication or supplements knows you need at least 2 weeks to know if something is working! Not sure what to say about the product but will come back in a couple weeks.

  6. Cassandra Ayoki

    I received this bottle about 2 weeks ago giving me ample time to test and review so I can formulate a good opinion. I have taken biotin supplements plenty of times in the past, so I like to think I understand how they work and what to expect, and how to take them in accordance to my needs.

    First, the bottle arrived in immaculate packaging and without damage, so thank you for that. There was no issue with the container or the supplements being fresh as the package was sealed tight, so I felt confident using the product.

    What people do not tell you about Biotin is this: If you are sensitive or experience major breakouts, or rather you want to avoid breakouts, break the biotin in half and take it with a meal and water. This allows your body to get used to the new levels of biotin in your body and gives it time to adjust. If your diet is already rich in biotin or B vitamins and you start taking a large supplement to boot, you’re more prone to pimples, so that’s just something to think about.

    Personally, I have experienced hair fallout for a long time due to low iron, iodine and thyroid issues. Biotin is amazing for hair growth and strengthening, but if you’re like me (meaning you had underlining issues) you should address all of your issues at once. I have taken biotin in the past and gotten some good results, but the best results come when you exercise, eat well, stay very hydrated, and balance your body out in every area it needs to be. I’m not finger waiving, I’m just saying if you’re going to start a supplement, please consider the full range of reasons your hair may be getting brittle and falling out. I started this biotin in half doses but also accompanied it with necessary minerals and dietary change so the best results.

    So far, I have seen a huge improvement in the strength of my nails, and I do believe less air is falling out in the shower. Please give your hair at least 30 days to see results, but you can tell by improvements in the texture and appearance of your skin and nails when something will work, and I’m definitely seeing those results. I will keep using this product and try to update this review later, but if you’re browsing for a biotin supplement and you’re ready to take your self improvement to a new level, then do consider these as a powerful companion to a healthy lifestyle and you may like what you see as well 🙂

    Btw, these vitamins are about the size of a dime and easy to take. The capsules can be opened easily and mixed with a shake or whatever you’d like. Thank you for reading.

    DISCLOSURE: I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. Receiving this item for free or a discount does not reflect on my opinion of this item. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

  7. William Warren

    It’s clearing up my skin. Will order it again

  8. cory r. galloway

    combined biotin,probiatic. calcium magnesium, thyroid support ,,added turmeric works well together to ease chronic neouropathy and pain,the spirina is iffy

  9. Dr. Ishal

    helps the hair and nail

  10. lawrence leslie

    I ordered it and it came within days. Delivery was fast and simple. I like this product. It comes in easy to swallow pills with cotton in it and there is no bitter after taste. Can’t wait to take advantage of all the benefits this product has to offer.

  11. linda g

    “My daughter recommended biotin to help my hair get stronger. She was right!”

  12. Nicole

    Great quality. Awesome price with Amazon Deal and free two day shipping with Amazon Prime. No complaints. I take one a day.

  13. marnie r.

    I’ve tried many brands of biotin..This came on time and started using right away..Been a week..So far my nails have strengthend..Mainly for my hair too..Biotin is the only supplement to be proven to grow hair…I love the fact it’s super strength 10,000 ..Max dosage..Also great for skin..My skin since using is so pretty I don’t wear makeup anymore…These products from the seller are really good..I’m glad I tried them!

  14. Snowshine

    Worth the extra expense for the work it does. Am still experimenting with it – but feel it’s been a worthwhile choice!

  15. DTharpe

    My nails look great now!

  16. sharib

    this product has an awful taste and difficult to swallow, on top of that my body is not absorbing it at all
    It was a waist of money, i purchased Spring Valley brand from walmart. It does not deserve even one star.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Worked well. Would order it again. Minimal hair loss during its use.

  18. MARIA

    I am very happy with this, fast service..

  19. pgred

    first bottle, ok so far

  20. Selena Perry

    I started using a daily vitamin that had biotin in it, but was not full biotin and I really like it and it helped my nails and skin a lot. So I wanted to try this full on Biotin to see what sort of results I could get. Well, I knew the results would be awesome, but I have been very impressed. My nails have stayed the strongest they have ever been. With the other vitamin that had some biotin in it my nails would grow good, but they were not very strong and would still break easily. Well, with my 4 kiddies I have put my nails to the test and they have withheld the most they ever have and have not broken. I have had only one nail break and that is a record for me. Also I have noticed my skin looking better, and my hair is stronger and falling out less(hey, we all have the random hairs that fall out!) I really enjoy this supplement as part of my daily routine and am super pumped I have found me a full biotin that strengthens like no other! I definitely recommend this and I know you will see amazing results, biotin is no joke. Check out my nails in the pic below.. oh yeah!
    *I received this product free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and all opinions stated are my own.



  22. Amazon Customer

    Don’t know, I have not seen any changes

  23. KT, KT the quilting lady


  24. Amazon Customershannon

    These work!

  25. Drake

    Yes yes yes! I have used other brands of biotin for years now. I’ve bought from Walgreens, Costco, and the health store. Every time I use a new brand, I am never sure if I see results (which probably meant they weren’t working.) This is the ONLY brand of biotin that has ever yielded NOTICEABLE results for me.


    This is my primary reason for using biotin. A couple of years ago, a bad perm left my hair fried, dry, and thin from constant breakage. For two years, my hair did not grow. For every inch of growth, my hair broke even with breakage. Every time I brushed, I would see my floor littered with broken hair ends. Split ends everywhere.

    Am happy to report that I started noticing results after about two weeks of taking this biotin. It has been a month now and results are still going strong. I don’t notice the already damaged parts of my hair being thicker, healthier or shinier, but my hair IS growing faster, so the damaged parts are growing out and new healthier shinier growth is starting to take over. I’ve also noticed a lot of new growth at the scalp. The baby hairs near my bangs used to be nothing — now they’re about two inches long. I have never seen my baby hairs grow long before. Curious to see how that turns out.


    Skin used to be dry and uneven all over face and body, probably due to me always being a bit dehydrated and not having the best diet. Took the biotin, not expecting to see or even notice results, but was shocked when, two weeks later, I began to notice my skin being incredibly soft. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting or trying to notice results, so for me to notice it, best believe the results were DRAMATIC. It’s been one month now and my skin is BABY SOFT. I honestly don’t remember the last time my skin was so soft and smooth. Sometimes I catch myself caressing my own body, like a weirdo because my skin feels so good to the touch. My complexion has also become milky and smooth. I used to have dry patches around my armpits and near the corners of my mouth. No more. My skin is currently pale and even-toned. I don’t need foundation as often, and when I do wear makeup, it applies smoother and blends better.

    I honestly wasn’t expecting skin benefits from this product. In the past, I have tried lotions, serums, night creams and masks. I have tried to drink more water and blend nutritious smoothies. Since I have never seen any result from those, I had assumed nothing can be done to better my skin. Actually, I didn’t think my skin was too terrible to begin with. Now, I see that I had a lot of room for improvement. I wasn’t expecting skin benefits, but this biotin turned out to be the youth code for my skin. I can’t be more grateful to this biotin for giving me unexpected results.


    Honestly don’t notice too much improvement here. I wear acrylics so I pretty much never see my real nails. They may have been growing faster, but I have not noticed because I’m not trying to pay attention. Perhaps I will start taking note and recoding the results.

    All in all, I am very satisfied with this product. I have recommended this product to my friends, and would recommend it to anyone. Of the four brands of biotin I have tried, this is the only one that works for me, and it works wonders. So glad I came across it.

    Disclaimer: I have received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  26. diedrebird

    My nails are improved & I seem to have more energy. Does not irritate my stomach.

  27. Ryan

    Great stuff. It keeps me hair and nails growing strong! It also helps my skin look a little better I think. Will update later after longer use, but good for now!

  28. Pinkie Dabney

    The quality of the pill is easy to swallow and I feel that it works

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