Bifidus Best Advanced Probiotic 30 Day Supply

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Bifidus Best Advanced Probiotic formula is made with the highest quality ingredients and is designed to support digestive system wellness, help maintain body’s internal microbial balance for digestive tract health and support overall immune system health.

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  • HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM AND DIGESTIVE TRACT – Our incredible probiotic supplement Improves the Number of Healthy Bacteria in your System to keep your gut healthy and to keep you safe from Several Digestive disorders, Diarrhea, Urinary Infections, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), etc.
  • HIGH EFFICACY – Desirable Probiotic Potency with more than 11.5 Billion friendly bacteria Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) per Serving (2 Capsules) to prevent Digestive Tract Diseases and Improve your Immune System.
  • MULTI-STRAIN PROBIOTIC – with optimal number of strains for most effective performance. It also contains FOS – helps in growth of Acidophilus and Bifidus Organisms which are naturally found in the intestinal tract and help in maintaining the intestinal flora.
  • HIGH ENERGY LESS FATIGUE – The well maintained intestinal flora allows for improved absorption of vitamins and nutrients, which in turn are responsible for your energy and fatigue level. The improved number of healthy bacteria in your body ensures high energy level and a wonderful mood to keep you happy and productive.
  • 100 PERCENT MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our products are made using the best ingredients, with high level of quality control, and at an FDA approved facility in USA. We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence. ORDER NOW to keep your digestive and immune system healthy and energy levels high. 

Do you have to deal with gas, bloating, constipation or other digestive issues on a regular basis?

Do you experience mood swings or worry constantly? Feeling tired, irritable or just not having enough energy to get through your day?

Bifidus Best Advanced Probiotic will help your body to regulate itself and achieve its natural balance.

How is Bifidus Best Advanced Probiotic Different?

It contains both spore-forming and non-spore forming probiotic strains which ensure a high bacterial count in the finished product. Spore-forming probiotics remain stable during harsh manufacturing conditions as well as during non-refrigerated storage. Our probiotic capsules are immune to stomach acids and act in different areas of your GI tract offering a different and complementary benefit for digestive and immune health.

Key Strains Our Probiotics Contain and How They Help

Bacillus subtilis – have the potential to suppress all aspects of Escherichia coli infection

Lactobacillus acidophilus – help aid in maintaining the intestinal flora

Bifidobacterium Longum – have anti-inflammatory properties protecting the cells lining your mucous membranes from toxins

Bifidobacterium Breve – protect colon function, alleviates constipation and reduces gas, bloating and diarrhea

Lactobacillus Casei – help lower cholesterol, inhibit growth of unhealthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, help reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance, control diarrhea, enhance immune responses


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166 reviews for Bifidus Best Advanced Probiotic 30 Day Supply

  1. Jayme A.

    Good product, works well 🙂

  2. jing liu

    love it!!

  3. Joseph Williams

    I wasn’t intending to lose weight – just wanted to keep things moving better in my gut. However I did lose a couple pounds after I started taking this probiotic – I’m not overweight at all, so I was quite surprised. I like this product.

  4. Aster White

    Works well for digestive disorders. it assisted with the relief of bloating, gas, discomfort & diarrhea.

  5. Yasuko

    My stomach was so upset and I could not handle any daily products.
    This one works perfect!


    I’m very sorry to inform lately. It is useful item. Recommend this for you.

  7. awainwright

    These acutally increased my bloating and gave me stomach cramps and gas.

  8. Kate

    Best probiotic on the market.

  9. Dee

    I purchased this on my own. I think this is a good probiotic. I have been taking at least one a day. I have read that 80% of our immune system is in the gut. I will update as time goes on

    Update 12/3/16 I have continued to take this and it works very well. It is a great deal too. I was originally using another brand that was a lot more expensive. I am now a lifelong customer

  10. Stacey

    My friend recommended this probiotic so I can start taking care of my immune system. Started feeling better a few days after taking them daily!

  11. BritGirl

    Disappointed with this , did not help me at all. I suffer with IBS and it is supposed to help with bloating feeling but did not make any difference. Would not buy again.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Great product!

  13. Val Thompson

    I feel that I have more energy since I started taking this probiotic. That makes sense since it improves the healthy bacteria that we normally carry. This combined with a healthy lifestyle has truly given me a better outlook on life in general!

  14. PC

    Love these probiotics. Great value at the best price

  15. Terry

    I really like it, easy to swallow and works great.

  16. Michelle R. Brudi

    Very happy with this product. Great source of probiotics for digestive health and love that it’s a vegetarian product. Made in the USA!!!

  17. Lee yong hee

    Will patronize a good aid in my

  18. Courtney R

    good quality probiotic!

  19. Amazon Customer

    Reduces bloating, helps regularity. Nice that it doesn’t need refrigeration.

  20. J. Hudson

    Bifidus Best Advanced Probiotic does help. I had to take 3 a day and had to take it on an empty stomach, for it to work best. I have tried many different brands brands, over the years, and this one was one of the better ones.

  21. K.McKee

    amazing probiotic – totally helped my digestive issues (ibs, bloating, gas, etc..). I’m planning on staying on it for my lifetime – and plan to get my family on it too!

  22. Carol Sackett

    It’s vegetarian, organic, gluten free – so far I’ve had no adverse reaction.

  23. Theresa P.

    I love that this probiotic doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge. As a result, I have more flexibility in remembering to take it. I have taken other probiotics in the past that caused my stomach to hurt but I have not had any such problems with this probiotic.

  24. secretdiva

    Seems like a fine product. My stomach does feel flatter and good overall. thnx!

  25. DAESIK

    Is a very good product.
    The product has to inform good friends

  26. Bella

    Probiotic is an amazing product,it makes my entire body feels good. Less bloating and a better digestive☺

  27. Yana

    Best Probiotic on the market.

  28. Javaman

    You will Notce a differance within a week… period. Definately works and have shared with friends.

  29. KSHF04

    This product worked for me. I would recommend it.

  30. Patricia Nicosia

    Great product I will recommend this to patients in the Dr.’s Office I work in

  31. Eileen

    Had my digestion system running like a charm.

  32. Natasha

    This thing makes a difference! I travel on business a lot and often have hard times adjusting to local foods. Had Bifidus with me in my last trip and didn’t get any kind of digestion troubles.

  33. violet c.

    good stuff

  34. Daphne

    best probiotic i ever took. didnt give me any side effects, helped me with my ibs symptoms… love this product!

  35. amandaf

    My Dr recommended a probiotic, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m actually really surprised that it has helped so much with my bloating and upset stomach. There’s no smell or gross taste and they’re easy to swallow. I keep mine in the fridge so I see the bottle right away in the morning and don’t forget to take one!
    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  36. C. Charles

    This is my 3rd bottle and they work better than most that I have tried.

  37. J. Bowen

    It seems to really help make a difference as far as my digestion and processing of foods. Less bloating, gas, & stomach aches since I started taking these.

  38. Rebecca Rowland

    My husband and I both take this product, and have noticed our GI tracts do feel better in general.

  39. Charles May

    I didn’t see the effect after taking the first capsule, but after about 1-2 days it started working like a clock. I do try to eat better and drink water throughout the day on top of taking this probiotic – so along with some clean eating this product works fine! I’ll see how it works later when I go on a 2-week business trip with all the team lunches/dinners..

  40. Tatiana Shcholokova

    I’ve been super busy lately with school and work and developed some chronic digestive issues. I never took probiotics before but my friend told me they should help in my case so I gave this one a try. I love it – it actually works! I take one in the morning before I eat anything and one in the evening. Also I have to admit that I dont have a regular eating schedule, which was one of the reasons for developing these pesky symptoms. Don’t want to go into too much detail, but I can tell my digestion is much-much better these days. I now recommend this product to all of my friends who complain of digestive problems/low energy/yeast infections etc.

  41. MaverickPC

    I have tried many to get my stomach working correctly and it is finally getting back to normal after my issues from being in hospital.

  42. Kindle Customer

    I was recently reading where several medical concerns of mine could be related to an imbalance in the bacteria in my digestive system. I am no way a health expert, but what I read made sense. I am on day 3, and while I wouldn’t say that I am cured of anything, I do notice less gas and bloating. I will continue and see how it goes.

  43. Kristin Morrey

    Tried this for the first time and was very happy with the product. Good amount of bacteria strains plus it did not upset my stomach. Oh and you dont have to keep this refrigerated!

  44. Jessica Crutchfield

    “Wonderful product! It came just in time too. I have had digestive issues for years, excessive gas that seems to just get trapped in my intestines and rumble for hours. Took two pills of the probiotics this morning and instantly significantly reduced my period symptoms (namely the overly excessive gas) which causes most of my nausea! I will continue to purchase and use this daily. :D”

  45. Michael LaMiaux

    Excellent product!!! Highly recommend

  46. Stacy Mullins

    This is a great product! It helps keep me regular and it has really helped my bladder. I used to get urinary tract infections frequently, but since I started taking this, I have not had one!

  47. Amazon Customer

    It’s a little soon to tell since I’ve only take a few but so far I did notice a lesser occurrence of bloating. I’ve also noticed an increase in energy while taking this. I will update my review once I’ve finished the bottle.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Started taking this a couple months back. I lost 10lbs immediately and it takes care of my body even if I fall of the diet wagon. I can even eat spicy foods!!

  49. trish m.

    Always had issues with bloating and heartburn. This medicine works and it didn’t take long to start working.

  50. Grace

    This was a really great brand of probiotic!! I felt less bloated and had more energy.

  51. Rachel A.

    So far so good. Have been using this product for about a month, but not daily. Just ordered my second bottle. These are to replace what I was buying a local Medi-spa and are available through Amazon for about 1/2 the price. The bacterial count is comparable and using Amazon makes them much easier to obtain. So far so good!

  52. Jackie Leong

    Easy to take, pill is small enough.

  53. Private User

    These unfortunately made me sick to my stomach and it was after the return window was open that it happened. At first when taking these everyday I felt no difference. I thought my body was accepting them properly, then about a month in I started getting sick. I know probiotics can take about a month to start working but that’s the risk I took ordering off of Amazon since their return window is so small. I was only taking one of these a day too and it effecting me all day. Too bad.

  54. Chantal A.

    truly effective!

  55. Harmony

    A must buy, dont know what i would do without this stufff

  56. haewoong Lee


  57. Andie1399

    The best prebiotic I’ve used. I have tried many including a variety of brands at whole foods. Very gentle on the stomach!

  58. PL

    These are a life savor for me.. If you have stomach issues, such as gas, bloating and constipation I highly recommend taking one of these a day. Take a break every few weeks or so and get back on. Has helped me tremendously. Highly recommended.

    I received this item at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review.

  59. Andrew

    I purchased this product to help with some general bloating and digestion problems. After taking for just a few days it brought quite a bit of relief! I look forward to ordering more when this one runs out.

  60. Renae Denton

    Great product! I would recommend!

  61. matt

    Love these pills work good on my at much cramps and turning and tightness works pretty fast cleans me out real good I like them very much..

  62. Naomi

    This is an excellent product and such a great price. I’ve tried so many probiotic products and just love this one!

  63. ElenaCampbell

    This was a pretty good probiotic. I didn’t know this was for seniors when I first bought it but I don’t know how much that matters. I’m 36 years old and prone to UTI’s and this helped me avoid them. I’d recommend this product for sure.

  64. Jung Keun Park


  65. MRROB

    Very good product and great customer service

  66. Weezer

    This works great! Will buy again. Thank you so much!

  67. Amazon Customer

    This is the only probiotic I’ve ever taken that I could tell was working as advertised. My stomach was bloating and the Amazon offering for this product claimed to be for seniors with bloating problem. That was me so I gave it a shot. Two a day for a few days and then, when I started getting results, I backed off to 1 a day. No side effects. No problems since. It works and I’m sold on it.

  68. Denise

    No side effects. Works great

  69. Gretchen Sepulveda

    There is a trend catching all our nation by storm. It is called we are educating ourselves and taking better steps to be healthier. Gone are the days where we simply didn’t know how. Now with a few clicks of a mouse we can educate ourselves on recipes, tips, resources, and items.

    One of those healthy tips we are learning is the importance of probiotics. Probiotics promote a healthy digestive system and aids is supporting proper function of your immune system. It is a live bacteria that helps fight bad bacteria in your intestines and tummy. This while promoting good ones to do their job. No more gas, bloating, digestion issues, and that same aid helps promote energy because now you are not bogged down and weighted. You find you have energy, no fatigue, and are good to go. Remember your intestine helps absorb vitamins and nutrients and that aids in the energy level of your body and how you feel.

    I too am feeling the benefits of this product. Energy is up, fatigue down, my body feels like its my own and not me trying to fight it. I am loving this aid. It’s gentle yet so effective. It is a gentle dairy, and gluten free formula and proudly made in the USA. How amazing is that?

    I don’t know about you but I want to be healthy. I don’t mind getting older but I definitely want to grow older in a healthy way. My children and loved ones deserve that and so do yours.

    So add this amazing supplement to your health. If your suffering from acid reflux, yeast infections, digestion issues, discomfort, problems losing weight…. give this a try. It is a affordable solution that can change your life. Truly transforming.

  70. BarbB

    I have been using this for a while now, and I am happy with the results.

  71. Jacob

    Works as expected – Good for constipation. However, I have noticed sometimes after taking it my stomach hurts for a few minutes.

  72. Shargar

    Great product. Will be sure to order more

  73. Mom of 2!

    Love this stuff! It definitely started working right away but it’s super gentle. The best probiitic I’ve tried.

  74. Amazon Customer

    Tried many probiotics and this one helped the most with my bloating!

  75. Bobbieperf

    I have used other probiotics but this one definitely helped with my digestive problems and also gave me more energy! I will be purchasing it again..

  76. Jessica

    Great, no odd side effects and doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

  77. Jor El

    These pills pack a great punch in the fight for healthy gut flora. Easy on the stomach, even when taken without food. Helps create a healthy gut, promotes a healthy mood and high energy levels. I recommend intensively after antibiotics. When we take antibiotics, they kill “all” bacteria: good and bad. This leaves the good bacteria in our stomachs at an all time low, and that’s not good because then yeasts can grow unchecked and these beneficial bacteria aren’t there to produce nutrients, such as B vitamins. These pills help aid in re-balancing your intestines gut flora. A healthy gut also produces more serotonin (known to have a beneficial influence on your mood) than the brain! But I also recommend these daily as well (not just after antibiotics) as they are beneficial on a daily basis. I purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions, documentation, and evaluations are my own. I have not been compensated in any way for my time or for the review or test this product.

    TIP: *** This bottle contains live active cultures so keep it in your fridge after opening !! ***

  78. Ksenia

    I just went through a course of antibiotics and am now taking this probiotic to rebuild my intestinal flora, it seems to be working well and is easy to take. Directions were covered up by Amazon label which wasn’t great as I had to peel it off. Other than that – a satisfied customer!

  79. Kelly Hoyt

    I’m very happy with this probiotic. My doctor recommended something with a combination of bacterias similar to this but that was much more expensive so I was happy to find a similar product at a much more affordable price. Has contributed to helping my digestive issues over the last few months.

  80. Phyllis Sanders

    Seems good

  81. Gabe Sackman

    I’ve been using this for over a year and it’s great! Definitely helps keep me healthy. Don’t remember the last time I had a cold…

  82. Emily Unextreme

    Love this probiotic! Helping me to regain optimal health and very easy to take!

  83. AmazonUser

    Great probotic. My poop is way better!

  84. alice

    works like most probiotic just be carefull the first day or two

  85. Haeyoon Park

    Good quality and fast shipping
    I like it.

  86. H. Roth

    Love this probiotic! It’s very reasonably priced and does its’ job well.

  87. Amazon Customer

    Works good

  88. Bridget

    I found this brand to work well for me. I used one bottle but stopped when I couldn’t get it on amazon anymore. Looks like it is back up now. I notice that it helps keep my skin clear. It’s also decently priced compared to other brands. They claim that the capsules will survive past stomach acid which was another selling point for me.

  89. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Will purchase again

  90. Chris Hall

    Great Product!

  91. Joel Bower

    While this product initially seemed to CAUSE more gas and intestinal discomfort, after a few days of taking it consistently, I noticed that the increase not only subsided but that it indeed began to reduce my overall intestinal issues. I haven’t had a chance to read the free ebook on kombucha yet, but i’m looking forward to it!

  92. Janet Smith

    Alice Foods Probiotic works very well. The capsules are easy to take. I have had no digestion issues since I started using this product. I highly recommend you try it for your probiotic needs.

  93. KMan

    I like this product. It does what it says it will do and seems to perform just as well as more expensive products that do the same thing.
    Try it out and I think you will feel the same.

  94. Diane Hilliard

    When I first opened the bottle I was pleasantly surprised that the capsules had a mild, agreeable scent. These capsules are not too big and are easy to swallow. I love that this product is non-GMO. The label is very good quality and easy to read except for the section “Other Ingredients” which includes the statement, “This product may be kept refrigerated to maximize shelf-life and potency.” I would prefer that this was in a larger, more prominent text.

    I have never been able to tell much difference when I have taken probiotics in the past, except that some actually caused more gas and intestinal rumbling. Since starting this one I have not been as bloated and definitely experiencing less gas.

    I’ll update the review as I have more time to try this product. So far, I am very pleased with it and will continue to use it. I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  95. Sean Beeler

    As a colitis patient, I found this product easy on my digestive tract and reduced bloating. Great product!

  96. Merlin’s Master

    Great product. Will order again.

  97. Cheryl Nocella

    This works great!!!!!

  98. Tina Watkins

    Very good probiotic! One of the few I’ve taken (and I’ve taken a lot) where I’ve actually seen a difference. Most of them don’t seem to do much for me.

  99. ThereCameThisWoman

    This supplement is a “must have” for people with sensitive tummies like myself. It has been a big help to me as far as sensitivity, stomach acid and bloating is concerned. Having cysts removed around my intestines and stomach walls made my tummy more sensitive than ever and this brand of probiotic has made my “tummy episodes” on the minimum. It’s all natural and gluten free too – so I didn’t have to worry about allergies. Whether or not I was sent this product for review purposes, I will still recommend this brand. It’s a definite “must buy”!

    Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for review purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I use personally and believe will be good for other consumers like myself. I’m just a regular consumer and I appreciate reading and giving honest feedback about products that regular people like me use on a daily basis or consider buying. My views and opinions are from a customer/end user’s standpoint.

  100. The Most Interesting Hand Model In The World

    I am lacking in certain strains of bacteria in my gut – this product was highly recommended by others with my condition (Hashimoto’s) and I did feel better (less bloating, better gut motility) when I took this. It does take some time to build up the good bacteria, and I have to say I have not taken these in a while and am paying for it – candida overgrowth, blah! Going to get some more to help get things moving again and re-populate my gut with the good guys. 🙂

  101. Terry L Schaum

    This is my first choice in probiotics. It is a great product. This item is also very reasonably priced.

  102. BeesofLife

    This is the best product….I have been having stomach problems for a long time…taking this product I can eat and drink anything I want…bloating & gas problems gone..I can even sleep….try this it WORK..

  103. MM2121

    I’ve tried other probiotics, but this has been the best. I could notice a difference and felt less bloating within a few days of taking this regularly . I will definitely buy again.

  104. Ruslan Brovarskiy

    I’ve noticed that my energy level did go up after I started taking this product. I also do make a conscious effort to drink more water and eat a fairly healthy diet. I’ve never been big on supplements but this one works just fine and I’m going to stick to it!

  105. JUDY

    I loved taking these they really help my problem and I felt healthier inside my body!
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    Termsu have to try this probiotic brand, they are very very good! I gave them 5 stars.

  106. Labebe Haider

    Very good probiotic that I really recommend. Doesn’t upset stomach and a very good brand

  107. E.Ken

    Has proven to be the best probiotic I have taken. Almost instant effects.

  108. michellewi65

    This is a great product. I could tell a difference in my gut within a few days.

  109. ARTURO A.

    Excellent product, It helped me with digestion and intestinal troubles. Easy to swallow and effective.

  110. Marie-Ginette Gauvin

    It has been only a week, it is too early to tell, but so far, I am happy with the positive change!

  111. lovetoread50

    My doctor suggested that I try a probiotic for my digestive system, I bought Alice Foods Probiotics
    and I’m very pleased with this product. I would like to highly recommend this product it is great.

  112. Amazon Customer

    i got the probiotics from review kick, i have been on them for 7 days and no complaints, my stomach has been less bloated and i have been regular going to the bathroom. i will buy it again

  113. Jillo

    I was very happy with my purchase. The price was right as well. I have been on antibiotics now for 3 months with a sinus infection requiring surgery. I take this probiotic halfway through my daily doses of the antibiotic to rebuild my immune system and will continue to take it after I get to go off the antibiotics for good.

  114. Kathy

    Really helpful!! Love it!

  115. Morningstarlite

    This probiotic is the best our family has used. We used to use Culturelle and are now happy with this one. Good product.

  116. Rhonda R.

    Great Product. Thanks!

  117. sharon schneider

    I love this product.I feel so good.I have no blotting.

  118. Pgerdy

    Worked great to help keep bloating at bay but didn’t feel like it kept me as regular as I should be.

  119. William Knowlton

    Love this probiotic. I’ve been taking it for years and I never get colds or seasonal allergies…ever!

  120. Jennifer H.

    I’m not sure if this did anything. I’m giving it four stars because it didn’t hurt anything and probably did do some good that I’m not aware of. The company has also offered me a free bottle (after I purchased the first one on my own) and I like that kind of customer service. My doctor recommended I take the bifidus bacteria strains and another one this product has. I had been taking Florajen with little success for my bloated belly.

    I do think this stuff may have helped with stomach pains and now that I haven’t taken it for a couple months, they are coming back. So the timing of the free bottle is good. 🙂

  121. rugpuller

    It has helped me with digestion and given me more energy. I have been taking them for a month and will keep taking to see if I can get through cold and flu season without getting sick.

  122. Sheree Denny

    Probiotics are so important to intestinal health. I recently had to take an antibiotic and now I need to replenish the good bacteria with this product. Thanks!

  123. E & J

    I’m very sensitive to everything and this has worked perfectly for me. If your taking antibiotics,you will definitely want to include these probiotics!
    I bought these Probiotics from SMS Neighbors LLC on Amazon because the price is half of what I would have paid at my pharmacy, for a lower dose. Great price,Quality and a good customer support system…I couldn’t ask for more.

  124. S·B·G.PHD

    In our home we depend on having these probiotics on hand to keep us healthy and balance the digestion.

  125. J. Munoz

    I have tried every probiotic under the sun. This one was my favorites. I have a problem with being regular and these have done the trick. The only down side is its two pills per serving. I used this product in exchange for an honest review.

    *I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and all opinions are based on my personal experience

  126. Amazon Customer

    I felt notably less bloating and more energy. It is affordable and not the most expensive but still well made brand.

  127. Tara B.

    This is a wonderful probiotic. I no longer have bloat or that gurgling feeling in my stomach. I have even gotten my husband to start using it too!

  128. Amazon Customer

    I have had many stomach issues and I would really recommend this probiotic! My stomach immediately started feeling better!

  129. Thomas R Warren IV

    I bought these, 3 separate times. Seems to work adequately. I’ve bought other probiotics in the past and these work the best.

  130. Chae minsung

    very good

  131. susieglow2

    Great product. I really feel like it helped with my bloating and stomach issues.

  132. Wittymarie

    This was the first probiotic I have ever tried and I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical that it was as wonderful as the claims say. I was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made! I eat lots of different foods that don’t always sit well with me, and I had my gall bladder out a few years ago which doesn’t help my digestive issues. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from bloating or stomach discomfort.

  133. Koala Bear

    Helps relieve that bloating feeling. I ran out and can tell the difference. There’s a level of discomfort experienced when not taking this probiotic. I hope my next bottle arrives soon!

  134. Miss T

    This probiotic has been very good for me. This is my second bottle and I was asked to provide my opinion to receive my free bottle, honestly it has worked very well I don’t remember the last time I caught a cold or cough! I recommend these to everyone doctors recommend taking a daily probiotic and this is a great one with a great price!

  135. Tattoogirl68

    If you want to make your gut a happy one, give it this probiotic by Alice Foods! It is a whopping 5.75 Billion active cells per capsule, contains 7 kinds of good bacteria, all natural and is a veggie based cap so it is user friendly! All this while promoting digestive balance by adding good bacteria and fighting bloat and gas, supports your immune system and increases your energy level! Alice Foods is also a GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) company and is USA based! I received this at a promotional price but I am a huge beliver in taking probiotics and I will highly recommend the Alice Foods brand in the future!

  136. Amazon Customer

    Very good product.

  137. Nichole

    This Product is great, i currently suffer from gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance and constantly have stomach problems, i can not consume yogurt so this is a product for me. It has reduced my stomach problems as well as any digestive issues i have had.

  138. Amazon Customer

    I fast regularly and use Bifidus Probiotic just before breaking the fast to help my stomach make a transition into digesting random food again. I certainly feel better.

  139. MG

    Great probiotic, helped with digestion and bloating! I saw an increase in energy levels and overall mood.

  140. Donita Grantham

    Great product

  141. Ragsuno

    High quality and good service. Just what I wanted.

  142. Judith W. Oliver

    so I have to admit that my gut health is super important to me! I am a nurse and work crazy hours and if something’s not right down there, I can feel it immediately.. I used to hate afternoons – my energy was down in the dumps and I would be fueling up with caffeine (bad idea!!). I tried taking this probiotic for a few days – recommended by my friend – I can feel the difference right away!! Mornings are awesome .. and I haven’t had that afternoon blood sugar drop since I started taking Bifidus Best Advanced!
    Also I don’t necessarily make bad food choices – it’s that I just don’t eat at regular intervals.. that used to cause digestive disruptions, but this things seems to help with them!!! Yay!!

  143. Melanie Allan

    My doctor wanted me to take a probiotic with at least 4 strains and this has 7 from what I can tell. I definitely feel like the ‘inner workings’ are operating better. 🙂

  144. Elizabeth R Sabel

    Great Probiotic!

  145. D.R West

    Excellent, does the job. Feel like I have an abundance of energy.

  146. GINGER

    my doctor told me to start taking probiotics over 6 months ago and I picked these. I haventried many but these I like the est and at not expensive they do work wonders for me..


    I am a HUGE fan of Probiotics. I usually get mine from drinking a probiotic juice or kombuca and I have been wanting to try the pill form so I was super happy to test this one out. I love the thought of being able to control exactly how much probiotic I am getting and exactly which strains I am getting. I that in itself holds a lot of benefits. With all of the health benefits from taking a quality probiotic I for sure will continue to take this! 🙂

  148. Teresa Fallon

    Great product,helped with my digestive issues.

  149. Ira

    Did a test in a glass of milk and these came alive.

  150. K. Powers

    This is a great product! Affordable price and the product seemed to do the trick. My husband has digestive issues and this has helped a lot. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

  151. Giggly Girls

    No aftertaste! Looking forward to future results!!

  152. Handan2927

    It was really the best probiotic I ever used

  153. jillybean

    This probiotic was exactly what I needed.

  154. Kurstin Pangrazio

    Great product. Well packaged. Leaves a weird after taste but goes away with food or something to drink. Easy to read directions. Discounted item.

  155. Joe

    I tried it for couple weeks and it seams to help a little i felt less bloated i stopped now for sometime and i still don’t feel bloated was it the probiotcs? or is it just a placebo effect ?

  156. atomic2383

    It’s a little hard to tell how well something like this works without expensive lab equipment, but with them being made in America it at least decreases the chance that they contain lead, cadmium, or other adulterants. They have not caused any negative symptoms for me though, and hopefully are surviving my stomach acid. They do have a bit of a smell to them, which I haven’t experienced with other probiotic products, but there is no taste, and I think they are helping.They are very fresh, according to the bottom of the bottle, and they do not expire until some time in 2018, so I am very happy with the shelf life. I wish I could find a third party tester to verify the composition of these. The seller is very nice and sent an email to ensure I did not have any problems. This seems to be a good option, if you are looking for probiotics.

    I received a discount on this product in exchange for agreeing to honestly review it, whether positively or negatively.

  157. Gerrid Vandermolen

    This is a very good probiotic for the money! Helped tremendously with stomach issues I was having. Highly recommend!

  158. Theresa W.

    This is a very good product, really helped with bloating and stomach pains!

  159. Alliekaatt

    I’m always trying new and different probiotics. It was recommended to me to switch the up from time to time, so I’m always looking.

    I wasnt so sure about this one when I purchased it, it it seemed like a good buy and the price was amazing compared to wha I normally spend. I have to say…I really am impressed with this product.

    It has helped keep some of my digestive issues and other bodily “malfunctions” if you will, at bay. And it does it for a THIRD of the price as before.

    It doesn’t say this stuff is required to be kept refrigerated, but I feel better continuing to do that with my probiotics.

    If you’re a woman and are taking probiotics specific for your gender, I recommend these.

  160. Amazon Customer

  161. Amazon Customer

    The product arrived quickly and seems to work for my wife and me, my food is digesting better

  162. Nanor Ounjian

    says what it does and does what it says! never felt so good – super happy! 🙂

  163. Jean Culbreath

    These are fantastic , for the first time in years I am not constipated. I have a bowel movement almost every day . It is not like a volcano eruption but every time I go I thank God , seriously for this product, because I have had to take a laxative every 2 weeks to be able to go !!!!! I do have a lot of rumbling in my stomach but I will take that over constipation any day . These pills have helped me to lose weight also . I have one (1) problem though … Since I last ordered 2 bottles the price has gone up $5 $6 or a bottle , just not fair to raise the price so much , and if I can find this product at a better price I will get it somewhere else , that’s $10.00 or more for 2 bottles , and since I found these , I need them badly , Shame on you Amazon for raising the price so much…..But folks if you have a constipation problem you need these at whatever price you may have to pay !!

  164. doris clark murray

    My husband and I have been taking this Probiotic for a few years. We have less bloating and no constipation.

  165. Isabel B. Larson

    I need to take probiotics to control yeast infections. Bifidus Best Advanced is perfect for me – I’ve been taking it for a month and so far haven’t needed to go to my doctor for refills on my prescriptions against yeast infections cause my body seems to be doing a great job of clearing my system on its own! Not sure if it’s thanks to this product, but I’ll take it!

  166. Waffles

    First of all, I will preface this by saying I do not need to lose any substantial amount of weight, therefore I took these pills as a dietary supplement. I was looking to drop 2-3 pounds, and succeeded in doing just that, however there were some drawbacks. The pills made slightly nauseous, and they made me have um. watery…movements. If ya know what I mean. Overall, they did improve my digestive health, just not in the most ideal way.

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