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Swimming Pools, Yeast Infections and Probiotics

photo-1469751215077-d7af19214557Summertime is the best when it comes to pool parties, days out on the lake, adventures at the beach and other fun activities revolving around some body of water.
Hot temperature gives you the necessary excuse to jump into that pool and cool yourself down – not once, but several times a day. And yes, there is that convenience of not needing a dryer – after all, since it is so hot outside, your swimming suit (if you even wear one) will dry off quickly enough so you don’t really need, or want, to change into a new dry outfit.
Unfortunately this hot humid environment creates perfect conditions for yeast to grow rapidly and disturb the natural balance of good bacteria in the sensitive vaginal area causing unpleasant and often rather painful infections.

While moms keep telling kids to go take off their wet clothes once they are out of the pool, we grown-ups know it really isn’t always feasible to change pants so often – one just doesn’t plan how many times they are going to take a dip in the pool when the entire party revolves around water, lounging in a chaise longue and sipping a sugar-loaded cocktail (yes, I’m looking at you, Pina Coladas and Margaritas!).
Fortunately, there are trusted over-the-counter medications, such as Monistat, that cure most yeast infections within a week, and the most unpleasant symptoms (itchiness) go away even sooner. But more so, you can take further step to prevent future yeast infections by giving your body a hand in maintaining the necessary balance of good bacteria in your body.
Taking probiotics has been proven to help your immune system fight off candida, the main culprit of yeast infections. Two to three capsules of Bifidus Best Advanced Probiotic added to your daily multi-vitamins will help your body absorb more nutrients and vitamins and will also supply natural live cells that help boost your immune system and let you enjoy those warm careless days of summer.

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